Monday, November 30, 2009

Voting Starts Tomorrow!!!

Tomorrow, December 1st, marks the start of our two-week voting period to decide which folk art pieces from the Fenimore Art Museum collection go on view in our galleries next spring. As in the test run a couple of weeks ago, your choices will appear in a polling gadget on the right side of this page. I will list the blog posts by date so you can easily find them and read them again if that helps you decide.

Please bear in mind that I had one reader who had difficulty voting using Firefox, but no trouble when he switched to Internet Explorer. So if you have trouble, see if this helps.

In the meantime, here is the list you will see tomorrow, listed by date. Thanks for helping us shape a great new folk art exhibit! I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

Headless Bodies: Myth or Fiction? – Aug 14
If these walls could talk – Aug 17
Warrior Mermaid – Aug 19
Limner on the Lam – Aug 20
Abraham Lincoln, the Kitchen Companion – Aug 28
The Negro Portrayed as “a Beast” – Aug 31
Vegetarian Lumberjack – Sept 3
Fasanella’s Labor of Love – Sept 7
The African American Cigar Store Indian – Sept 14
Did F.H. Sweet Paint with his Feet? – Sept 17
Where there’s Smoke – Sept 24
Jewish Origins of Carousel Carving – Sept 28
A Bug’s Life – Oct 1
Framed in Maine – Oct 4
Folk Art in Moby Dick – Oct 8
A Deaf Artist in Early America – Oct 12
Knife Box – Oct 15
Edgar Tolson – Oct 26
The Limner Makes a House Call – Oct 29
A Canal Runs Through It – Nov 2
Yankee Stadium – Nov 5
Hudson River Steamboat Collision – Nov 9
Clementine Hunter – Nov 12
Two Heads are Better than One – Nov 17
Chance Encounter – Nov 19
Hidden Jewell – Nov 23
Mistake of Epic Proportions – Nov 26

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