Friday, April 15, 2016

Farmer Friday

Twenty-one years ago I took a strange trip south with the legendary Aggie Jones on a mission to purchase a work by Queena Stovall, the folk artist of the Blue Ridge Piedmont in Virginia. The mission was successful, as recounted here on this blog a few years ago.

What I didn't mention on that post was that the auctioneer, Ken Farmer, was a great guy who helped us in a couple of very important ways. First, he let us plug into his electrical system to recharge the van we were driving; and second, it was Ken who implored me to buy the Queena Stovall andirons that went with the painting. I hadn't previously been aware of their existence, having been so focused on the painting.

Anyway, Ken stopped in the museum today and I had to get a picture with our mutual friend, the "Fireside in Virginia" painting I bought so many years ago.

They do say that farmers are the most helpful people. There is a literal truth to that.

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